Blazing BBQ Cookoff Rules

2016 US Foods Presents:
the 4th Annual Blazing BBQ Cookoff


The Following will be judged by the judges panel only:
Chicken Thighs, Ribs, & Pulled Pork

Guest Judges:


Prizes: TBA


*Check-in & Setup at 5 am.
* No entrance fee for people's choice but contestant must be entered in the pulled pork category. The people's choice award is separate from the other categories and will not be judged by the judges panel it will be judged only by the participating consumers.
* All Food (Chicken Thighs, Ribs, Pork)
for Judging will be Provided by US Foods  & will be Distributed on the Day of the Cookoff.           
* Each contestant must have a team name & head chef; maximum 7 team members total.
* Each contestant is required but not limited to enter into at least one category.        
* Contestants are required to bring their own equipment & cooking utensils. Judged food will be placed in (provided) generic boxes to judges for uniformity and anonymity.  
* People’s Choice is only for Pulled Pork Category. The Food for this Category is NOT Provided (50 sample size portions required).      
* Cookoff spots are first come first serve.
* Each Team must have a team name, a head chef and 7 team members total.
* All teams must compete in at least one category of cookoff competition.
* All teams are required to bring their own cooking equipment and utensils, and other supplies.
* No Garnishes Other Than Lettuce or Parsley.
* People’s Choice is only for Pulled Pork Category (50 sample size portions required) 

Judging Times:  Celebrity Judges Panel - 
                  Best Chicken turned in by 1.45 pm; Winners announced at 2.15 pm.
                  Best Ribs must be turned in by 2.15; Winner announced at 2.45 pm.
                  Best Pork turned in by 3.00 pm; Winners announced at 3.30 pm.  
  Open voting to Public for People's Choice - 3.00 pm; Winner announced at 3.30pm

The IMCF would like to thank US Foods for being the Official Sponsor of the Cookoff. 

The IMCF and Local 1403 would like to thank all the contestants for their understanding and cooperation with these rules and greatly appreciates their participation in our event. We look forward to seeing you all on the big day!